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Subject: Family Debt - Part TenSamantha's ViewAll my life my sister has treated me with an undertone of
disapproval. Claire disapproved of my lifestyle, which
when we were nude lolita 14 16 younger she always described as promiscuous
in a haughty tone and inevitably with an accompanying
sniff. Of my husband, whom she claimed was weak and
effeminate - which is rich considering what we have now
discovered about her precious John and his secret
activities on the net. And just of me in general. What
made it worse was that dad always seemed to side with
her. She was always his favourite, and she worked hard at
being that.Very different now, of course. Dad knows which of us is
the really loyal one, and my stuck-up bitch of a sister
is in her place. Her tongue up my arsehole the previous
night and her meekly sucking my toes that morning while
her two little brats stood and watched are proof enough
of that. Though I have to admit to a slight
disappointment when I realised that she was actually
getting off on it. Turned out that Little Miss Proper had
her own buried desires along with her husband. Still, you
can't have everything. And I had plenty.Like my nephew Steve in the palm of my hand as I sat him
down at the computer in his Dad's study. He was so eager
to get the details of John's secret life that he was
practically drooling. I leaned over him to key in what
was needed, noting the bulge in his jeans. I reached down
and gave it a squeeze."Seems you're looking forward to this, Steve," I said,
keeping my hand resting there and feeling his cock throb
through the thick material.He looked up at me licking his dry lips, and all he could
manage was an unsteady nod. I suppressed the laugh that
bubbled up, and merely smiled. nude lolita pic gallary
He was so easy, like any
man. Except maybe Dad. Get a hold of their cock and you
could lead them anywhere."You enjoy yourself, Steve," I said, letting go of his
cock and standing up straight. "Lots of pics, and some
really disgusting mails and chats. You'll find yourself
mentioned a few times. Feel free to have a good wank
while you peruse."I left him to it and went back into the preteen girls nude lolitas kitchen. C\lire
was where I had told her to stay, standing in the corner,
and Dawn was sitting at the table just silently watching
her mother. I went straight over to Dawn and bent over
her. Taking her face in my hand I turned it towards me
and kissed her, my incest taboo lolita preteen tongue forcing its way into her mouth.
She resisted momentarily, but then relaxed as my tongue
probed the inside of her mouth. I let go of her face and
ran my had down her body to the hem of her skirt.
Pushing it underneath the skirt and down under the
waistband of her panties, my finger found her hairless
cunt and stroked it as I kissed her. I felt her wetness,
and withdrew the finger carefully. Coming away from Dawn,
I crossed to where Claire had been watching from her
corner. I held the finger to her face."Suck it clean," I told her.She pulled her face, and shook her head. I raised my
other hand and slapped her hard across one cheek. She
looked at me in shock, her cheek reddening."You're my bitch now, sis," I told her harshly.
"Understand that. If I tell you to taste your daughter,
then you do it. If I tell you to go over and take it at
source, then that's what you'll do."Her eyes on mine and full of hatred, she took my finger
into her mouth and sucked it clean of Dawn's juice."Good girl," I told her. "We'll go to the gymn in a
minute, us girls. But don't bother packing a leotard,
Claire. You can borrow my spare." I saw her glance down
at my body, much more petite that hers, and could see in
her eyes her imagining how she would look in a leotard
that fitted me. Letting it all hang out would be the
order of the day. "First a little prep, though," I added.I went to my handbag and came back with the marker pen I
had brought with me for the purpose. Kneeling down in
front of Claire, I wrote "Cum Whore" across her stomach
in large black letters. Turning her around I spelled out
"Fuck Hole" on her lower back, and added and arrow
pointing down to her arse. The I went to the sink and
wetted the dishcloth,. A bit of rubbing across Claire's
skin and the words looked older and as if someone had
tried not too successfully to erase them.I looked up at her and smiled. "All done," I said. "That
should cause a few raised eyebrows in the changing rooms.
Now go get yourself dressed. Outer clothing only, no

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